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What if there was a golf training aid that could single-handedly eliminate the mistakes that destroy 99% of amateur golf swings and would finally lead to a repeatable, powerful and consistent golf swing? Would you want to try it?

Over the past 2 years, I have gone from a 26 to a 16 handicap. I've done it with hard work and repetition. But I never really had a good understanding of what I was doing...either it felt good or not...and it created results or not... But no real good science behind making sure what I was doing was RIGHT and not just REPEATABLE. For all I knew, the reason I was struggling to get from a 16 into the lower teens and single digits was that what I FELT wasn't what was actually happening? Welcome Game-inglove. Now, I know where the club is in my I know if I am bringing the club back I know what my face angle looks like and how my hands impact that. Now I know that I am practicing the right things so that when I go out on the course, I have the best chance of the best results! Thanks Game-inglove!

– Jason Cherpak – 16 handicap golfer

Your grip may be the most important factor in hitting a solid shot. If your grip is incorrect, then you have to make compensations in your swing to get the ball to go where you want it to go. Game-Inglove is the only training device of its kind to help you create all the elements of the ideal golf grip. I especially like the laser to help guide your takeaway. You won’t go wrong working on your grip.

– Karen Palacios-Jansen – LPGA Teaching Professional

Most golfers are kinesthetic and visual learners and the best way to learn is to combine both through the use of Game-inglove Technology. While working with a few of my students on their takeaways, proper impact position and extension through impact I had them put the Game In-Glove on. Through the glove they were able to feel where I moved them and visually see where they needed to be throughout the first few feet on the takeaway as well as impact and through the impact position. One of my students said that you can really feel the hands staying ahead through impact when you focus on the laser.

– Michael LaBella, PGA – Brian Jacobs Golf Associate Instructor – Director of Youth & Women’s Programs, PGA Certified in Teaching & Coaching, U.S. Kids Golf Certified Instructor

The GiG has been an invaluable tool to help players, especially those new to the game, feel the correct motion of the hands in the most crucial points of the swing...the takeaway, impact and early follow thru. I love this product!

– Taylor Crosby – Certified Instructor Jim McLean Golf Center-Texas

The body will do what the eyes and mind can see. Game-inglove will most certainly help you connect your path and face for better contact and better results. Your path is now clear for you to improve!

– Shane LeBaron – Plane Truth level 3, Golf Digest Best in State AZ

My students who tried Game-inglove during our lessons experienced instant results and enjoyed how easy it was to use. Used the GIG today for another successful lesson. It really helps the student see and feel proper path back and thru #gameimprove

– James Kyle – PGA, 2014 WCC PGA TEACHER of the YEAR–2012 WCC PGA Junior Golf Leader of the Year

After using the product with several of my players, it became apparent to me that Game-inglove is an excellent training device to help every level of golfer. The Realizer Clubface coupled with the Laser Path Guide helped me show my students exactly where in the swing they were going wrong and what it feels like to fix it. I have also found that the Shaft Palm Line helps them achieve a better more consistent grip. With all the features that Game-inglove has to offer, there is no doubt it will help you with your golf game.

– Mike Fay – Director of Player Performance at the Boyne Golf Academy in Boyne Falls, Michigan.

Game-inglove is very innovative, the way the club face is displayed on the back of the hand and the glove with the laser pointer gives feedback to the player about wrist angle and path of swing. Very helpful!

– Ed Bowe – Director of Golf Instruction at Omni Amelia Island Plantation former Director of Instructor training at ESPN Golf Schools

I've been trying the Game-inglove with my students, and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! The face graphic on the back of the glove has really helped students understand the relationship between the grip to face control on all shots. And the laser has provided instant feedback in terms of hand and club head path awareness. This is a great tool for both short game and full swing practice.

– James Hong – TPI Level 2 Performance Coach; ’12 US kids Golf Top 50 Master Teacher

I'm old school and skeptical about training aids so, when Mark from Game-inglove approached me to field test it, I didn't expect much. I guess on this occasion I was wrong since GiG really delivers in fact, during the testing, I even discovered uses Mark had not considered; like it is great for bunker play as well as putting. The addition of a Laser Path Mat and an adjustable laser beam, which Mark is including in the production model, will greatly enhance this already excellent product and will allow golfers to groove a consistent swing even throughout the winter months.

– Pete Drotar – USGTF Master Pro / Former Tour Pro / Owner of Drotar Golf / First Tee Coach / 1+Putting / Retired Gunny Sargent USMC / VNVet / U of M

Realizer Clubface

Realizer Clubface Use the Realizer Clubface to SEE how the back of the glove hand controls the clubface throughout the ...Read More


Laser Path Guide

Laser Path Guide Use the Laser Path Guide to shape shots, work the golf ball left & right. Hit a draw ...Read More

shaft line

Shaft Palm Line

Shaft Palm Line Your grip may be the most important factor in hitting a solid shot. To correctly cock your ...Read More

Need a way to Dramatically Improve your Golf Swing?

  • Hit a draw with correct in-to-out swing path & face angle at impact
  • Hit a fade with correct out-to-in swing path & face angle at impact
  • Shape shots through swing path & face angle manipulation & drills
  • Identify & Fix ANY Power Leaks in your swing
  • Improve your grip for proper wrist hinge & power
  • Work on chipping, putting & chipping using the Laser Path Guide
  • Perfect your takeaway, impact & follow-through for solid ball striking & control
  • Work on your game 24/7 365 for muscle memory & consistency
control hand

Real-Time Visual Feedback!

Game-inglove is jam-packed with visuals that provide you feedback real-time, not after the fact, but as you are actually working on your game or practicing. There is a laser pattern for every single aspect of the golf swing whether it’s the takeaway, downswing, impact or follow through; if you have any power leaks the laser will alert you immediately and you can immediately fix that fault. Learn to shape shots with Game-inglove too, want to hit a draw or a fade; then trace the laser along the pre-determined decals on the laser path mat and off you go, shaping shots for fun!


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